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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 18, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. >> a man is expected to have his first court hearing in the hit-and-run death of a 14-year-old boy. the 34-year-old has a long lit of provide convictions including burglary, car theft, and animal crawlty. he was convicted of slashing animals to death at a hayward petting zoo in 1999. deputies say he hit and killed ivan cruz during a police pursuit in san leandro. the family says they are grateful for the arrest. >> i can rest easy as we continue to struggle and fight the fact that our brother is again and we will not see him again. >> anderson faces life in prison if convicted of murder in ivan cruz's death. the family of a woman killed
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by a driver high on drug is speaking out. the 84-year-old was struck and killed in a walgreens parking lot. here is would police say was behind the wheel after smoking pot, a 21-year-old. eastoncornell has more in an inw you see here. it is tell. unbelievable. so selfish. >> he cannot believe his mom, 84-year-old, is gone. the senior just moved to downtown san mateo to be close to what she liked: restaurants and shopping. >> it want like a little old lady. she was in good shape. >> on friday, she was leaving the walgreens pharmacy a 21-year-old who was high on pot and possibly other drugs changed her mind about visiting the driveup pharmacy window and backed her van out quickly running her down. >> what could it be?
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she had to wait too long? five more minutes. she backed up are this window. >> she died on saturday from the injuries. the suspect was charged with felony d.u.i. and vehicular manslaughter. >> hopefully they punish her good and no one else will be hurt. make it safer. >> neighbors are outraged. ly mother emgritted from finland 40 years ago and had again to walgreens to ask about new medications. >> i saw a bag next to her in the hospital and i looked what was in it was the two medicines. she went there to and for help. >> she sends this message to the person who ended his million's life. >> you made a decision. i have to live with it. >> the funeral services are held next week. >> travelers hoping it will be
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back to normal at international airport after taxi drivers caused delays in a protest against services like uber and lyft. how is it now, amy? >> the profit is -- protest over. last night taxi drivers caused problems on purpose. they wanted to bring attention to uber and lyft drivers versus taxi drivers. tax drivers say the rule are different for them and they say it is not fair. they protested and tried to make sure that anyone could get in and out last night and uber and lyft could not get to the passengers. taxi drivers say uber and lyft can pick up passengers at curb side and taxis have to stay in the parking lot line. >> we are protesting the special treatment being given to private vehicles using apps to pick up
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passengers. taxis have apps but we are not allowed to use them. we have to wait in line and have been doing this for decades. >> cab drivers protested for two hours last night and they say this is just the beginning. if things do not change they will do this again. the airport is about to get busy with thanksgiving next week. >> uber is if hot water accused of plotting to dig up dirt on journalist whose criticize the company. according to buzz feed an executive floated the idea of spending up to $1 million to hire researchers to dig up and spread details of the personal lib of reporters. the executive made the commons which he believed off the record to a buzz feed editor during a high from file dinner in new york. >> the san jose city council will hear a report that warns the city's police force could
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fall to the low of the level in 30 yours to less than 1,000 sworn staff. the report produced by the department says that the biggest problem is retaining and recruiting officers. three to four resign each month and academy classes have only been half filled. the trend could be learninged to battles other pension cuts. matt will have a report at the top of the hour. >> it could be a long night for the city council in san jose, members are expected to vote on a proposed housing impact fee that could decide who can afford to live in the city. the fee would drive up the costs of willing most rental units while at the same time exempting luxury high tries for five years making more units available to low income renters because the fee pays for the units. critic say it will choke off development in the housing market making rentals less affordable than they are now. >> the santa county board will discuss proposals for a live
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wage ordinance that would require contractors doing business with the county to pay their employ ayes a wage they can live on. the county has contracted worth $2 billion a year and some are with nonprofit contractors who cannot afford to give races so the cash-strapped county would likely have to pay the difference. >> today is the start of a three-day meeting with uc regents and a big issue is a controversial proposal to raise tuition. a vote on a tuition hike is not expected until tomorrow. the proposal would raise tuition by 5 percent a year for the next five years. tuition has been frozen for the last three years and the tuition hike would not be necessary if the uc system received more state funding. but critics say the proposal comes after several uc chancellors received significant raises. big changes coming to one of the busiest corridors in san francisco, the municipal transportation agency is expected to approve a long-awaited bus rapid transit
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project on van ness from michigan to local board. the plan would credit bus only lanes and shelters in the center of van ness and remove left turn lanes for two miles and reduce packing. the goal is to reduce bus travel time by 30 percent when bus only lanes open in 2018. they have been planning this a long, long time. >> we have been hoping for rain for a long, long time. >> we get some start tonight. we will keep those three chances in the fast through saturday. good morning, everyone, here is visibility: no fog, we still have an offshore freeze keeping all of the low level moisture away from us. coming through the ferry building it is 58 but at downtown or the financial district it is 54 and sunny side is 52 and coming across the golden gate bridge is 57 headed through crissy field and 57 in richmond, the warm spot. and 54 in san leandro and palo alto and santa clara and
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pleasanton and tracy at 42 and walnut creek and petaluma 41, and healdsburg is 48, so we have a spot below 40-degree threshold. from the east bay hills you can see calm out there and not so breezy as yesterday with a colorful sunrise because of high clouds coming in now and they will thicken by noon but most of us in the low-to-mid 60's and by 4:00 we are in the mid-60 to 70 degrees so a mild day again and overcast during the evening hours and mid-50's to low sick. on-and-off showers tomorrow and a chance rain on thursday and late friday so football playoffs could be wet on friday evening. >> we have 22 bart trains on time and we have ace train one on time and it will be in tracy in 13 minutes. here is a look at the pay area freeways and you can see clear conditions as you make the drive along the peninsula and in the east bay we do not have delays with some areas of construction and we are go evening to start on the peninsula looking at 101
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leading sfo into the city near hospital curve and you make your way around i-80 approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge it will take you nine minutes and crossing over the bridge you are still moving along without any problems. drive time traffic tracy to dublin over the altamont pass is 26 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes and in the north bay headed southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. drivers will be seeing the old eastern span of the bay bridge a while longer because of a stubborn resident causing a delay in demolition. >> a growing backlash at malls here and across the nation over holiday shipping gone wild with stores forcing employees to work the holiday.
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spencer christian will be in concord with "give where you live," food drive at the food bank of contra costa and solano bank of contra costa and solano from 4:00 for
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. state lawmakers will hear testify of california's readiness to handle ebola out break. there will be a hearing on what is be done to prepare. the meeting is at 1:30 at state capital. there have been no cases of ebola in california. a source of delay in tearing down the old span of the bay bridge: birds that refuse to fly. caltran is pushing bag bidding to give contractors more time to figure how to deal with the 800
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birds. they are spending $12 million on efforts to keep the birds away. restaurants and retail workers in san francisco could have more rights. the board of supervisors will consider a preparal to give the consider a preparal to give the cities hourly workers rather than hiring outside. >> retailers are gearing up for holiday shopping season with more stores opening on thanksgiving day but the remain employees are saying "thanks but no thanks." here is the backlash from employees. >> dinner is 5:00 people so i cannot make it. >> tiffany wanted to spend thanksgiving with her boyfriend and his family but shell an working, instead. she manages a store where
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retailers mandated to open at 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. >> this is a difficult situation, it is hard to stay positive. >> she is fed up she started online petition to urge westfield and other property management companies to keep the malls closed on thanksgiving. k-mart is the target of another petition also opening on the holiday and wal-mart, best bay, and several other major retailers. >> is it getting crazy? >> yes. absolutely. they should at least on the next day at a normal time. i feel every store should be closed. >> so they can be home with families. >> but westfield is giving what the customers wants and the general manage says "given the enthuse a we have seen for early openings over the past few years, west feed welcomes the opportunity for accommodate the demand."
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>> do notship. i hate to say that because i love my customer and want them to come in by i have faith they will support us in this. >> a simple request by an employee hoping to restore the meaning of thanksgiving. some retailers are bucking the trend of making a buck on that that. home depot says our stores will be closed. take time to enjoy food and family and friends. sigh friday morning. t.j.maxx says our stores will be closed so our associates can enjoy the holiday with family and friends. >> we have a list of stores opened and close at . we knew going into the business we have to work holidays but retails did not know that. they changed the rules. you are in a food coma and
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cannot think. shopping taxis -- takes leading up to thanksgiving day, how is the weather looking? >> a up could rounds of storms. starting with the winds that are blowing lightly offshore this morning, not so vigorous as yesterday but we will have the same result in the afternoon as far as temperatures being at or above average and you can see from our camera to the ferry building the flags are not so unfurled and they are limp compared to yesterday only. we are looking at dear we are looking at dear conditions over cw50 tonight and tomorrow. the dry pattern returns on sunday a better day for outdoor activity. now, the temperatures: look at the 70's. low 70's down in the santa clara
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valley and santa cruz and milpitas is the exception at 69. upper 60's to low 70's on the peninsula. mid-60's along the coast. upper 60's in downtown south san francisco. you can see the upper 60's all the way through the north bay valley, calistoga and napa and cloverdale at 70, and mid-60's at your coast lend with upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay similar and 72 in hayward the warm spot and headed inland temperatures are in the upper sent to 70 in antioch and livermore and danville. tonight, rain coming in across the north bay and showers are more likely across the south bay and 49 in santa rosa and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's until fairfield at 49. why do we need the rain? we are only 29 percent of average in santa rosa and 56 percent of average in san jose. you would think it would the other way
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we have a stubborn high with dry air beating against it so we have dry air at the surface and mid-and-upper level moisture in the day which does not look good for rain. the rain will come in around 9:00 in in the not bay and the t of us through the commute with scattered showers in the afternoon and another chance of rain on thursday and a chance on friday night into saturday morning. sunday and monday, then, it will be sunny and slightly warmer. >> as you look to treasure island, along the eastern span, you cannot see it blocking one lane and it looks like traffic is moving along fine and they are able to dodge it. and the hit-and-run accident is at vasco road, westbound 580 three vehicles are involved and
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it sounds like the suspect vehicle got off the freeway so we could still have more lanes blocked and we are looking at backups that lead up to the accident so it is a possibility that will tax -- tack on a couple of extra minutes. >> 280 approaching highway 17 is nice and clear northbound into cupertino there are no accidents. all of san jose is quiet. eric? it is 4:49. forget the smartphone, now there is a smart suitcase. >> here are the tech bytes. >> check out the smart suitcase allowing users to track and lock and weigh their carry on bag with an app on the phone that is expected to retail for $250. >> united trying to make knew arc the most technical friendly
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with 6,000 ipads and 10,000 power outlets to keep you connected and should be completed by 2016. >> finally, toyota's first mass market that runs on hydrogen on sale in the united states next year and can travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen. >> if only i had a place to park it. millions people take an as written a day to ward off heart disease. a study suggest they could be wasting their time. >> you cannot "bite," city hall and a local mayor's office is going to the dogs. you can see from the camera the embarcadero and bay bridge and the bay and this is abc news now. later today spencer christian is at the food bank of contra costa from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. part of the abc "give where you live"
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food drive. we invite you to stop by and say hello to spencer and give where hello to spencer and give where you
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>> a massive indian casino could be coming to the vallejo area near highway 37 in the northeast section of the island that used to be part of the navy base but now is abandoned. the city council is considering eight projects including two huge casino plans developed by one of two indian nations or colonies. there will be a decision next year. the casino face several state and federal hurdles before a plan goes forward. >> the warriors are proposing a traffic management plan for the new arena hopefully to be. if san francisco holding 18,000 people in the mission bay district not far from at&t park.
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the plan calls for increasing parking rates and shortening parking meter time to discourage drivers and they plan special shuttles with additional bus and train service with bigger boarding platforms. the plan includes service for bicycles and a specialized app to land your trip to the arena. pretty cool. >> very cool. >> san francisco politics has again to the dogs. really. literally. >> the chihuahua will take over as mayor and declare as "extra pet treat day." she was elected by spending money. her mayor status was part of the animal friends and control charity. >> secret service protection? >> sure. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. we have a fire danger across
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southern california until 4:00 from the mexican bolder to santa barbara we have a high fire danger this afternoon. you can see temperatures are mild at 70 in monterey and mid-to-upper in san diego and los angeles and palm springs and mid-60 through yosemite and sacramento and children's coe and in lake tahoe and mid-50's but look what is coming, a winter mention tomorrow and most of it falling as rain but higher elevations it is snow and then friday it is over. 101 is moving swiftly headed to 580. we are not seeing any delays and no accidents or construction. at the golden gate bridge everything is moving loan fine. you headed in from marin into san francisco northbound we have no aten waters so we are not looking at construction being picked up. thethe cones have been picked u.
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in walnut creek we have construction until five o'clock with a couple of right lanes taken away until 6:00. it is now 4:56. as prince may not have the significant heart health benefits, after all, for older people. researchers pointed to the heart benefits of daily aspirin for those at risk of heart disease but a new study suggest it is not for everyone. job necessary researchers studied the effects in 14,000 people between 55 and 80 and they found in major difference between heart related deaths and strokes between those who did and did not take aspirin. >> warning on energy drinks and kids were. toddlers are drinking them by accident causing thousands of calls to poison control centers. the heart association found of 5,100 calls to poison control
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for energy drink exposure 40 percent are children under six, and all that caffeine can cause vomiting, sizures and serious heart problems. >> more room for wild animals to roam with a bay area zoo's, expansion. >> bay area schools making gun violence part of the lesson plan. >> we leave you with abc7 news looking at eastern span of the bay bridge with traffic looking good and later today we invite good and later today we invite you to skin christian at "give where
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a dry tuesday morning. but that will change. if you have yard work, shopping, do it today. don't wash the car. not unless you want it free. many of them offer a free car wash if it rains again in 24 hours. >> tell me where. we work on that. >> we are talking about rain. you have nothing on live doppler hd but increasing high clouds that make for a colorful sunrise. rain will move in after midnight and hang around through saturday. waking up this morning in the 40's and 50's. good old rain check. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where cars are


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